The Ministry of Marketing

When I first surrendered my life to Christ, I jumped at every opportunity to share Him . . . until my worship leader announced tryouts. I’d enjoyed singing and acting, ever since childhood. So why wasn’t I clambering onto the stage to serve the Lord by using the talents He’d given me? After all, He’d used Christian music and movies to prepare my heart for His loving grace.

Despite my inner battle, I joined the team. I had fun, until guilt and anxiety overwhelmed me. Whenever I sang to Jesus, I felt His presence. But I felt uncomfortable and sometimes ashamed when I walked onto the stage and when people approached me after services and complimented my voice.

I sought wise counsel from my worship leader, who empathized with me. He explained the blessing of discovering our “sweet spot,” the area of service where our talents, skills, and abilities meet our passions.

His words reminded me of Eric Liddell’s famous quote:

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

The Lord’s been teaching me how to embrace the joy of serving, but has also affirmed my real “sweet spot.” Writing.

I feel close to God when writing and am excited to share what He’s doing in and through my life. Still, the marketing side of writing can often be difficult.

It helps me to remember Jesus promised to be with His disciples and empower them to be confident, prepared, and bold in their sharing. The Lord’s own words motivate me to step onto any platform He provides for me to proclaim His name.

Inspire Love Anthology is Open for Submissions!

Thanks to our Wonderful Tech-Support!

We’re grateful for those who prayed for our wonderful Tech-Support Master as he worked to correct the issues interfering with our submission process.

 Inspire Christian Writers 2017 Love Anthology is back online and accepting submissions.

We’re looking for God-honoring love stories. Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. Devotions.

If you’re an Inspire member with a love tale to share, please review our guidelines.

Submit your love-themed project (1500 words or less) to be considered for publication on or before the May 31, 2017 deadline.

If you’re not currently an Inspire member, please check out our member benefits page to discover how we’re equipping writers to inspire the world.

We hope you’ll join us as we share our God-given voices to write for His glory alone!



Submission Opportunity for Inspire Christian Writers!

Inspire Love Anthology – Deadline May 31, 2017

Membership in Inspire Christian Writers has many benefits, including the invitation to submit to our yearly anthology.

Our editors are currently inviting Inspire members to submit fiction or nonfiction love-themed stories, poems, devotions, or articles.

Through the submission process, we can practice following professional guidelines and waiting for editors to consider our work.

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to the waiting game or the possibility of rejection?

Offering Encouragement and Opportunities for Teen Writers

Guest Blogger: YA Novelist Shannon Dittemore

Shannon Dittemore

“Why mentor teen writers?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot. Especially by other authors who are as busy as I am working on their craft and writing their own stories.

The answer is a simple one: I do it because I love it.

I’ve worked with teens for years, and when my kids’ school reached out, looking for community mentors, I jumped at the opportunity. It allowed me to check off those dreaded volunteer hours all while talking books and writing with my favorite audience: junior high and high school students.

And when I was asked to join the faculty at Southern California Christian Writers’ Conference, I begged and pleaded for the teen track and they gave it to me. I cannot tell you how excited I am for these six sessions.

The Inspire Love Anthology Needs Your Voice

Submission Opportunity (Deadline: May 31, 2017)

Your voice matters. Your voice makes a difference. Your voice has a special place in the 2017 Inspire Love Anthology.

Join Inspire Christian Writers as we share God’s love through the various genres of fiction and nonfiction.

This is a great opportunity to share your voice and earn a publishing credit for your writing resume.

Our talented Inspire Christian Writers Anthology Editing Team looks forward to receiving your short stories, devotions, poems, and article submissions. Each writer can submit up to three projects.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Writers Write When . . .

Embracing the Writing Plan that Works for You

You must write everyday.

A writer writes.

Set a word count goal.

You can’t wait for inspiration.

I’ve heard these statements since I started writing. But even after publishing while working a full-time job, it’s still impossible for me to write every day.

Nine years ago, fresh out of a depression, I struggled with never being whom I hoped. As a teacher, I often don’t have downtime during the school year. But that spring, between February and May 2008, my bits of stories formed into three badly written novels.