Write with Active Verbs

by Sue Tornai

When we write with passive verbs, we make our stories boring. Effective writers weed out forms of  the verb “to be” by choosing more active verbs.

Passive Verbs: is, am, are, were, has, had, will be, will have been, has been, had been, would (should, could) have been, being, to be.

Instead of “Camouflage fatigues are worn by soldiers in war zones,” write “Soldiers in war zones wear camouflage fatigues.

Instead of  “Susan seems to be an accurate news reporter,” write “Susan reports the news accurately.”

Instead of  “The discussion will be led by Sandra Johnson,” write “Sandra Johnson will lead the discussion.”

Instead of  “There are many women who become doctors,” write “Many women become doctors.”

For more information click here: http://www.ccis.edu/writingcenter/documents/passive.html

God is Never Late

Heard of late bloomers? I have, all my life, because I am one. Social skills came slow and late. Likewise learning how to deal with depression.

But God made the almond tree exceptional. At the merest hint of spring, it bursts into full and radiant bloom. An early bloomer. Likewise His word. That’s what God showed Jeremiah. (Jer. 1:11-12)

“What do you see?” He asked the young prophet after giving him a vision.

“I see an almond branch,” Jeremiah replied.

“You see well,” God replied, “for I hasten (Hebrew: shaqad) to perform my word.”

Shaqed” is Hebrew for almond tree. As eager as the almond tree is to burst forth in blossom, God is alert and ready (shaqad) to fulfill His promises. He watches over (shaqad) His word to perform it the moment conditions are right.

Do you think God late in bringing your manuscript before an interested editor? Slow in fulfilling the desire He placed on your heart? Negligent of the long winter’s work you’ve invested in developing your craft?

Never fear. God watches over His word—including the message He burdened you to write. At the earliest opportunity, He’ll bring it into bloom. God’s heart bursts to display His grace and glory.