Adam's Garden Releases this Week

It’s always exciting when one of our writers releases a new book. This week, Dana Sudboro released his latest novel, Adam’s Garden.

Dana leads our Inspire Rocklin/Roseville critique group, serves as Vice President of our Board of Directors, and is Editor in Chief of Inspire Press. He also teaches at a local Bible college. (And still manages to write books!)

He writes Christian romance as a reminder of the greatest love story of all–that Jesus loves us enough to die for us and relentlessly woos us to Himself.

Adam’s Garden is Dana’s second full-length novel. His first, Continents Apart was a delight to read. Other titles by Dana include Off the Menu and Fatima’s Fate.

Here’s a little about Adam’s Garden:

Day by day, from under a cork oak, Laurel Teyman dreams of teaching literature, finding a man who understands her poetic soul, and escaping her sister’s charity. A few steps away, beyond a locked gate, an eight-year-old girl dances and sings in a garden paradise Laurel longs to explore. One day she finds it open with a note inviting her to tea…

Sounds great, right?

I just downloaded a copy to my Kindle and can’t wait to read it. You can get your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or through the publisher, Sierra Delta Press. For a limited time, Amazon and Sierra Delta are offering it for 99 cents! (B & N charges $1.99, which is still very reasonable.)

Congratulations, Dana!

Prayer: The Foundation of a Writing Life

Hands in prayer over keyboard

By Elizabeth M. Thompson

Years ago a friend shared with me that her co-worker always bowed her head to pray before tackling her workload. This simple act was the catalyst for my friend accepting Christ. It was also the catalyst for me, as a new believer, to begin praying over my work each day.

When I left the corporate world and embarked on the adventure of full-time motherhood, I relied on this habit more than ever.

I’ve long understood the importance of praying first, before I work, before I act, before I speak.

So, why do I charge ahead with my writing sometimes? What makes me think I can write anything of value without first seeking God?

This morning I’m reminding myself (and you, too in case you need a reminder), to stop and pray before putting words on the page. To ask not only for God’s favor on our projects this week, but also to invite Him to the process–that we might write with Him and not just for Him.


Lord, please keep us focused on you. Help us to fully engage with you, seeking only to please you and bring glory to you in our writing.

Please give us words that meet our readers’ needs–words of encouragement, exhortation and inspiration.

Give us courage to write from our most tender places. Those parts of us where your Spirit is at work.

Protect us from the devourer of dreams and infuse our words with creativity, power and grace.