Poems Needed for Garden of Innocence

753_garden_of_innocence_NationalAn urgent need was brought to my attention and I’m asking you to help fill it.

The Garden of Innocence will be burying bodies of babies that have been found. You read that right. Found. I’m sorry to tell you such a need exists. One of our authors, Linda Bello Ruiz asked if I could help share this need with you.

Garden of Innocence would like writers to submit poems to be read at the service. One for each child.

If you are able to contribute a poem (or several) for this event and help provide a dignified burial for these precious children, please follow the guidelines. Please share this need with other writers and poets you know.


Poem Guidelines:

Specific poetry writing skills are not important; however we do ask that you not include what may have been on the heart or mind of the mother and do not mention “abandonment” or “thrown away”. Please no more than 12 lines – 100 words or less, written for one child only, and no Haiku Poetry.

If you do not wish to read your poem at the service, that is no problem, another reader can be assigned. Poems can be sent to Brianna.Spohr@gmail.com. Please submit poems by September 14th.

Services are scheduled for 10:00 AM on September 21st. Contact Brianna for details.