2014 Write to Inspire Conference: Bill Myers Video Interview

Beth Thompson takes a moment to video interview Bill Myers, keynote speaker for the 2014 Write to Inspire Conference on October 3-4, 2014. Some of the topics they discuss in the interview:

  • How Bill went from being a Dental Student to a Best Selling Author and Filmmaker.
  • What would happen if writer’s started saying “Yes” to God?
  • With over 150 books and numerous films to his name, how does Bill account for being so productive and fruitful?
  • What is God’s role in Bill’s creative work and how can writer’s engage deeper with God within the creative process? 
  • At the conference, Bill will be speaking on the “Five Steps of the Writing Process”. Bill discusses what writers can expect to learn and what they might do differently after hearing him teach?
  • What is the writer’s responsibility in response to the call to write? 
  • How has mentoring High School and College aged students impacted his writing?
  • What do the writers need to know before they attend the conference?


For more information on the conference and to register, go to the 2014 Write to Inspire Conference page.