Loving God First

A Writer’s Prayer

Lord, thank You for the privilege and responsibility of writing for Your glory.

We often declare our love for reading and writing. We’re quick to rattle off a long list of books we love, projects we’d love to write, and goals we’d love to reach.

In our longing to write words that readers love, we can easily forget the gifts You’ve given us are purposed to share Your love and to express our love for You. In our efforts to be good stewards, working tirelessly to develop our craft and meet deadlines, we can sometimes allow You to be neglected, as we tuck You conveniently into the margins of our lives.

A Writing Coach’s Secret Formula

An Author/Writing Coach Interview with Lorraine Pintus

Lorraine Pintus is an international speaker, author, and writing coach known for her bold teaching on women’s issues such as sex, hormones, parenting, marriage, and intimacy with God. She has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs and is the author of six best-selling books, including Jump off the Hormone Swing , Intimate Issues, and Intimacy Ignited.

Today, we’re focusing on Lorraine’s role as a writing coach who helps other writers craft their message and discover their voice.

Please help me welcome, Lorraine, as she shares encouraging insights for Inspire writers from a coach’s perspective.

Cultivating Online Communities

A Brave Blogger Interview with Denise J. Hughes

Some critics claim genuine relationships and authentic fellowship are impossible to obtain in the world of social media. After being housebound for over four years, as I undergo and recover from multiple surgical procedures, I’ve learned those critics are wrong. Many of my most authentic, supportive, and loving relationships are with people I met through Facebook and in the comment sections of a few of my favorite blogs. I have yet to meet most of these genuine friends in person, though we pray for one another and encourage each other daily.

Denise J. Hughes, author of Word Writers Philippians, Ephesians, and James, is the founder of Deeper Waters Ministries and serves as Editorial Coordinator for the incourage.me blog. Through these two well-established blogs and her personal blog, Embracing Grace and Truth, Denise cultivates online communities while equipping and encouraging women to dive deeper into the Bible and draw closer to God and others.

Please help me welcome Denise as she celebrates the launch of her third Word Writers Bible study and shares the rewards and challenges of nurturing community in the blogosphere.

Too smart for my own good

by Michelle Janene

Not that anyone would ever accuse me of being too smart, but I have been doing some reflecting on my recent writing struggles. I participated in my fourth NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. Love challenging myself this way and I’ve succeeded in the past so I went into it with great expectations. But getting the words on the pages this time around was like slogging through an alligator infested swamp.

49756985 - girl with laptop in the hand in comic style. woman with notebook . girl showing the laptop. girl in glasses. hipster girl. sexy blue hair girl with laptop.I had a project in mind. Had been mapping it out and mentally filming it for a couple of months. I couldn’t wait for November 1st to stike on the clock. The goal to complete the challenge is 1,667 words pre-day. Day one saw not quite a thousand, and each day that followed saw few and fewer. The weekends I couldn’t seem to catch up. What was the matter with me? Honestly, the creation part is the most fun. I love starting a project. Hate ending one. So what was going on?

As it turned out, in stalling for the beginning of NaNo, I filled my spare time by studying some craft. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but it ended up getting me stuck.