7 Steps to Writing Personal Experience Stories

Do you blog or journal your experiences? Do you have a story to tell? Here are
seven tips to follow as you develop your story for publication.

  1. Consider what magazine you would like to submit your story to. Get a copy or two and study its style, departments and columns so you can suggest how your
    article will fit into their periodical. Find their writer guidelines. Do they want queries first? Do they want submissions by U. S. Mail or e-mail?
  2. Think of an attention grabbing title.
  3. Start with a powerful hook–action, problem, or conflict.
  4. Use fiction techniques–show (don’t tell), multiple scenes, plot, climax, dialogue, description.
  5. What is the point of your story? Make it your takeaway. Christian editors are looking for takeaways.
  6. Write your query or cover letter. This has to be every bit as good as your manuscript or better. Make the editor want your article.
  7. If the publisher sends you an assignment based on your wonderful query letter, submit your story exactly as assigned and within the prescribed deadline. Sometimes assignments are on a speculation. Make your story excellent so it will be accepted and so you can get more assignments with this publisher and  build a working relationship.

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