A Woman Who Trusts God: Finding the Peace You Long For by Debbie Alsdorf

“Some days I am not a woman who trusts God with all my cares, problems, and details. There, I said it. Truth is, there are times I sit and stew in a self-pity party of insecurity, worry, and fear. And, yes, there are times I tried to over-analyze and figure out everything on my own, seeking for a piece of control. But I have found that when I don’t trust God with my life and my circumstances, I have very little peace.”

Debbie Alsdorf begins her book with this powerful disclaimer. Her transparency, wit, and charm are refreshing as she leads readers on a journey of hope toward peace “in the meantime.”

Teaching from the book of Philippians, Alsdorf encourages self-reflection, offers practical application points, and closes each chapter with a heartfelt prayer.

She provides Scripture (appendix A) to equip readers for the “meantimes of life.” There is also a five-week Bible study resource, which makes this book an excellent choice for personal or small group study.

Alsdorf’s biblical wisdom and insight are like a soothing balm to hearts desperately seeking relief during waiting seasons or times of affliction. Her lighthearted tone and willingness to share her vulnerabilities enrich the reading experience.

Each chapter is like having tea with a good friend who understands and cares about the struggles that invade our “meantimes.”

With a vibrant faith, Alsdorf invites women to grasp the fullness of peace in God’s presence as they’re empowered by the Holy Spirit and armored with Scripture in the meantime, and at all times.


Debbie Alsdorf is part of the amazing line-up of speakers for the 2013 Write to Inspire Conference! In addition to helping us hone our writing skills, Debbie will share about the spiritual life of the writer. If you’re not yet registered, you can do that here.

Xochi (so-she) E. Dixon is Jesus-loving, Bible-studying writer, speaker and teacher. She is pursuing her BA in Christian Ministry at Regent University and lives in Northern California with her husband, Alan, their teenage son, Xavier, and their doggy-daughter, Jazzy