Compassionate Self-Statements and Self-Soothing Exercises

Compassionate Self-Statements and Self-Soothing Exercises
Genres: Christian Living, Nonfiction, Personal Growth
Publisher: Kim Fredrickson
Publication Year: 2013
Length: Audio CD
These self-compassionate statements and self-soothing exercises were shared in Kim’s out of print book, Building a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself. Many people notice that these comforting messages sink in at a deeper level when listened to. These are available for purchase as a CD or as a downloadable mp3 recording read by Kim
About the Book

Listen to 34 compassionate self-statements and self-soothing exercises shared in Kim’s book, Building a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself. Kim’s soothing voice will help you take in these words of compassion in deeper ways, helping you feel more connected to yourself.

Here you’ll find:

~  Scripts of how to respond compassionately to yourself when you don’t hav the words to say

~  Ways to build self-compassion in the areas of self-talk, self-soothing, and  self-care

~  Practical exercises and tools you can use to build this relationship with yourself

~  Ways to build inner strength and help heal from life’s hurts

Allow these words and exercises to help build a compassionate relationship with yourself and help repair the divide you have inside against yourself.

About the Author
Kim Fredrickson

Kim Fredrickson has been a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified Christian life coach for more than thirty years. An adjunct professor, speaker, and author, she loves helping people become equipped spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually with practical skills to live more effective and fulfilling lives. She has been married to her husband, Dave, for thirty-seven years and they have two grown children. Learn more and read her blog at

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