The Gardens in God’s Story: Avows Divine Romance

The Gardens in God’s Story: Avows Divine Romance
Genres: Inspirational, Nonfiction
Publisher: OneHeart Publications
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 110 pages
ASIN: 0981684521
ISBN: 9780981684529
An inspirational book about Divine romance and God as the Lover of our soul.
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About the Book

Love always finds a way to express itself. God has revealed His heart through four prophetic, revelatory gardens. This love affair we have found ourselves in began in Eden. Gethsemane and a cemetery garden became the proving ground for God’s passionate, heroic love and His promised “Seed.” This is where the Lord won our hearts forever. The final garden is the culmination of our Lover’s pursuit; it is a spiritual garden where the “Lover and the beloved” meet. Here can be heard the voice of Jesus, “I have come into My garden, My sister, My bride.”

About the Author
Margaret Montreuil

Margaret Montreuil is the author of two New Testament novels: GOD IN SANDALS is a print and dramatic audio book about the life of Jesus; HIS KINGDOM COME continues the story and is about the primitive Church in Jerusalem. THE GARDENS IN GOD'S STORY: AVOWS DIVINE ROMANCE is an inspirational book about God as the Lover of the soul. WRITING FROM THE FIRE WITHIN is a prayer and writing workshop for Christian writers who write-to-inspire. Margaret teaches others about prayer and she facilitates spiritual retreats. Margaret is involved with Messianic ministries in bringing deeper understanding to Christians about our Jewish roots of faith. She enjoys leading small "contemplative" type of pilgrimages to Israel. Her main writing goal is to glorify Jesus by inspiring others to know Him more and more.

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