How to Annoy Others and Look Terribly Desperate Online

The Slightly-Snarky Guide to Getting Noticed by Guest Blogger Kathi Lipp

This post illustrates what not to do when building your online presence.

In it, I poke fun at the crazy things we do to get noticed online.

I know you feel the pressure of building your platform, but these tactics will keep you from getting published.

They’re not your friends.

You need to earn your platform every day.

Here’s how you destroy it with your own hands:

Insider Submission Tips from Focus on the Family’s Sheila Seifert

An Inspire Ask an Expert Post

Focus on the Family’s director of parenting content, Sheila Seifert, wants to help writers prepare for submitting articles and increase their chances for being considered for publication in the various FOTF magazines. We asked Sheila the following questions:

1. What Focus on the Family magazine do you acquire for?

I acquire for Focus on the Family magazine and We also create annual products that we may acquire or write in-house. Some of these special projects are our annual and summer adventure kit that releases in May, college guide that releases in August, and Advent calendar that releases in October. These themed downloads are usually free. They are directed at busy parents who want to spend quality time with their kids, even as they help their kids grow in the faith.

A Word for the Weary

Preparing to Submit Your Devotions to The Upper Room

So you’d like to get published, or perhaps you need a breather from writing a novel. Try writing “a word to sustain the weary soul” for The Upper Room’s Daily Devotional Guide.

They accept unsolicited submissions, and their publication allows you to share your God-centered message with an international community of believers.

When I began freelance writing, I wrote a story about being grateful despite catching chicken pox from my toddlers. The Upper Room published that devotion and have published my work in their magazine multiple times since then.

I’d like to share an overview and helpful hints with you, in hopes you’ll submit your devotions so God can use them.