Life’s Plot Twists

Adventures in Writing

Writing is an adventure except, perhaps, when time escapes, the brain won’t cooperate, laundry is calling, dinner needs preparing, or distractions arise from everywhere. I have those similar disruptions along with pain and illness.

33154047 - surprised or shocked handsome sexy muscular man reading book isolated on white background, wearing glassesI live with fifteen chronic conditions, five autoimmune, five pain related, and the rest help drive the plot of my life’s story. Sometimes I’m asked how I manage when pain and ailments weigh down what I’m trying to write. The short answer?


A sign above my desk says, “Trusting God’s sovereignty one day at a time.” It’s my tagline and life motto. The challenge to stay in this thought comes as pain cycles through my legs or back so much I can’t sit long enough to write, or on days my stomach won’t work properly. At times, medications cloud my head and I can’t concentrate on writing anything, let alone something meaningful, or my fingers cramp and won’t hit the right keys. These types of inconsistencies make a regular writing schedule laughable (almost).

On those days, I have to look up. At the sign. To God. I spend time reading, praying, resting, when my eyes will work, quoting Bible verses, or encouraging other people also going through difficulties. Sometimes, I can bullet point writing ideas and end up happy to get even those down. A certain peace comes from not fighting lost expectations.

God called me to write. My health is the back-story of my life, to point to Him. This truth helps keep my focus on the reality of His purpose, not mine, played out in my life. I can’t allow worry about what I can’t do to crowd out what I can.

If I give my timeline to Him, I’m less likely to allow discouragement and stress to rise. If I can’t write much on one day, He seems to give me enough strength on another to complete what’s necessary.

The writing adventure is because of Him. He called me to it so He’ll see me through it one day at a time.


Share Your Joy Story

8840137_sThe joy of the Lord is your strength. But what does that mean?
What does joy look like in your life?
How have you experienced, shared, or been strengthened by the Lord’s joy?
Inspire Christian Writers is now accepting submissions for the 2016 anthology, Inspire Joy. Submissions can be stories (fiction and non-fiction), poems, devotions, or teachings on the topic of joy. All Inspire members are welcome to submit one or more pieces for consideration. For more information check out the submission guidelines page.
There’s still plenty of time to write your stories and have them critiqued by your Inspire group.  Then submit your polished piece between March 1 and June 1, 2016 using our online submission form.
Submit your stories. Share the joy!

Michele Zumwalt: Bringing Hope and Healing through Testimony

IMG_2928In Ruby Shoes, Michele Zumwalt invites readers into her struggle to overcome prescription drug addiction. Michele gives readers hope that they too can overcome the stronghold of addiction. Her story is a powerful testimony of what God can do with a surrendered life.

Maybe you have a very personal story you need to share with the world, too. Maybe your testimony can help pull others from despair and defeat. I hope this interview with Michele will nudge you to get your story written and published so it can bring hope and healing to readers.

Addiction to prescription medications is all over the media lately. How big is the problem?

Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the chance to talk with my friends at Inspire Writers.  I have so much respect for what you do and I’m truly honored to talk with you.

Prescription drug addiction has recently been called an epidemic in America by the Department of Health & Human Services. Americans are only 4% of the world’s population and yet we take 80% of all narcotic prescription medications. More people die every year from prescription drug overdoses than from car accidents. Every 19 minutes, someone dies from a prescription drug overdose and as a Law Enforcement Chaplain in Sacramento County, I know. I’ve done far too many death notifications and witnessed too many preventable deaths just in our county alone.  Since 1999, the number of narcotic prescriptions in the US has quadrupled.  That’s why I wrote the book, Ruby Shoes: Surviving Prescription Drug Addiction, to bring hope to a hopeless situation.

Inspire Forgiveness to Launch Saturday, December 12

Join us for a celebration!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Inspire’s 2015 anthology, Inspire Forgiveness.

Join us for a book signing and launch party!InspireForgivenessFrontCover_96ppi

Saturday, December 12th

10am to 1pm

Origin Coffee & Tea

2168 Sunset Blvd.  105  Rocklin, CA 95765

Authors will be available to sign copies! Coffee, tea and pastries are available for purchase at Origin, where all proceeds go toward ending human trafficking.

Get Serious! The Business of Writing

We creatives write for a number of reasons. A true writer writes because he or she has to. At times, our desire to create overrides our desire for food, drink, even human contact. Other reasons writers write:

  • I have a personal story to tell
  • I have a sermon I want to broadcast
  • I like to imagine fantasy worlds
  • I like making up stories
  • (Insert your own reason here)