Now I Sit Me Down to Write

Now I sit me down to write

I ask God for words not trite

I wish I can, I wish I might

Pen a masterpiece tonight.

Many times as we sit down to write, visions of grandeur fill our minds. After all, how hard can it be? I am sure Charles Dickens or Samuel Clemens simply put on paper whatever came to mind didn’t they? It is simply a matter of letting the words flow from our exceptionally creative minds through our fingers to the page. Right?

Our Stories Matter

Think about the stories that move you. The ones that stick with you long after you read the last sentence. The ones that challenge the way you see the world, yourself, others, God. There are stories that once read, become part of who we are. They shape our futures by reaching our hearts and minds on a level deeper than the spoken word can reach. They burrow into our souls and illuminate the dark places.

In each of these stories, the stories that transform us, there is a piece of the author’s heart, an uncovering of fragile places in the author’s soul. When an author’s experience or imagination is expressed beyond their self-protective fear, beyond a façade of confidence, the story cannot help but leave the reader richer, fuller, more alive.

Our stories wield that kind of power.

Each of us has a story to tell. Many stories to tell. And whether we write about our own lives or someone else’s, or from an imaginary place we can only see with our eyes closed, our stories matter!

Let’s resolve that in 2016, we will tell our stories. We’ll use them to show how brokenness created beauty in us. How pain has brought perseverance. Our stories will appear anecdotally in our nonfiction. We’ll weave the truths they’ve taught us into our fiction. We’ll capture their emotions and convey them even as we write some else’s story.

We resolve to bring our stories to life in 2016. We will not allow them to languish in files and folders where they can’t bear fruit, lined up like so many headstones in a cemetery. They will go out into the world in search of hearts to touch and lives to impact.

Who’s in?

Are you ready to tell your story? Are you willing to learn and grow and become ready to tell your story?

If you’re new to Inspire and don’t know where to begin to tell your story, may I make a few suggestions?

  • Join an Inspire critique group and start growing as part of a community of committed writers.
  • Sign up and attend a great Christian writers conference.
  • Create space in your busy life to write daily. Even a little. Everyday. Until you can’t bear to miss a day.
  • Pray for the courage you need to free your stories from the recesses of your heart and launch them into the hearts of your readers.

Latest Inspire Press Anthology Releases Saturday, December 13

Every year Inspire Christian Writers produces an anthology made up of stories written by our members. This year we’ve produced Inspire Promise: Inspiring Stories of Promises Kept. Inspire Promise is filled with short pieces from 36 of our writers. 

We’re celebrating the launch of Inspire Promise with a Launch Party and Signing. Join us for this fun, festive gathering.

Oasis Christian Mission Center
10255 Old Placerville Road 
Suite 1 
Sacramento, CA 95827


Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PST)

Many of the writers will be available to sign copies of Inspire Promise. We’ll provide refreshments and door prizes!  

A Signing Bonus for New Inspire Memberships

Have you been thinking about joining Inspire, but keep putting it off? We’re offering a small gift for the first 30 writers who respond to this post by joining now.

Here are 10 Great Reasons to Join Inspire Christian Writers–and a Signing Bonus we’re offering for a limited time.

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3. Inspire members enjoy increased visibility when they post their headshot, bio and links to their blogs, websites and social media on the Inspire website.

2. Only Inspire members may submit their work for publication in the Inspire Annual Anthology. Contributors receive two free copies upon publication.

1. Inspire members understand the writing journey, much like our spiritual journey, was never intended to be walked alone.

*Bonus* For a limited time, while supplies last, you’ll receive a lovely Inspire mug as a thank you for joining today!

Join Inspire Christian Writers today, and experience the power of a healthy, holy Christian writing community as God molds us into the writers He created us to be!

Xochi (pronounced so-she) Dixon is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher who loves Jesus and encouraging women. She lives in Fairfield, CA with her husband, Alan, their teenage son, Xavier, and their doggy-daughter, Jazzy. Xochi’s work has been published in The Upper Room, Encounter-The Magazine, Devo’Zine, Inspire Trust and Inspire Promise.


Kingdom News Interview

Inspire Christian Writer’s leader, Beth Thompson was recently interviewed by Kingdom News’ Tony Bosserman on KFIA about Inspire and our 2014 Write to Inspire Conference, The Art of Writing. Below is a snippet of that interview along with the spot currently running on KFIA and 103.9 The Fish.

Please share with anyone you think would be interested in learning more about this event.



2014 Write to Inspire Conference: Steve Scott Interview

The 2014 Write to Inspire Conference is just days away and I’m excited about the five wonderful speakers who will teach at this year’s event. You’ve met Bill MyersManuel Luz and Lyn Lasneski through their interviews. Today, I’m introducing you to Steve Scott. Steve is an author, speaker and mixed media artist. He was instrumental in the founding of Inspire Christian Writers. I hope to share that story with you at the conference. For today, I’ll let you get to know him through the interview below. Here are some of the questions I asked. Watch the video to hear what he had to say in response:

  • What is C.A.N.A. (Christian Artists Networking Association) and how did you get involved in it?
  • In your topic for the conference you include the term Post-Secularism. Can you please define this term? What does it mean for today’s writers?
  • You plan to encourage writers to unplug and connect. What should we unplug from and connect to?
  • You’re using the Gospel of John in your teaching. Can you give us a little taste of what we’ll be learning?
  • What impact will your teaching have on the writers who attend the conference? What will be their take-away?  

Registration is now open. Click for more details or to secure your place at the 2014 Write to Inspire Conference.