The Ministry of Magazine Writing (Part 2)

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Christian Writers Market GuideDuring my interview with literary agent Steve Laube, he offered these final words of encouragement regarding the ministry of magazine writing:

“Try not to fall into the trap in thinking that magazines are the ‘minor leagues’ when it comes to writing. You can slave for years to write and publish a book and sell 5,000 copies. Or you can write one magazine article and reach 10,000 or more!”

As I mentioned in that interview, Steve spoke similar words to me in 2011. I took his advice and have had my work published in The Upper Room, Encounter and Devozine. The Lord used this hands-on-training to prepare me for an invitation to interview for a position as a contracted devotion writer, something I had never considered before my initial conversation with Steve.

By God’s grace, I now have the privilege of serving as a contributing writer through the ministry of Our Daily Bread. Starting in 2017, the Lord is going to be encouraging international readers through my small offerings of loving worship.

I’ve been blessed with a writing partner who also appreciates the ministry opportunities available for magazine writers. She’s had her stories featured in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Junior. Talk about an amazing reach!

Steve’s wise advice has been proven true through our personal experiences. So, though we’re both working on book projects, we’re committed to scheduling time to work on projects for magazines.

If you’re not already submitting to magazines, I encourage you to prayerfully consider beginning your journey today.

Every writer’s voice is uniquely designed by God, and purposed to make a difference for God. But, He can’t use the words He gives us to write if we don’t place our offerings into His hands.

When you’re ready to reach readers through the ministry of magazine writing, you can start by investing some time researching the following reputable Christian publications. Each one pays and is open to unsolicited submissions.


The Upper Room serves millions in their international and interdenominational audience. Their daily meditations are printed in over 79 editions, translated into more than 38 languages and distributed in over 100 countries.

The Quiet Hour, a daily devotional published by David C. Cook, ministers to over 100,000 readers annually.

Today’s Christian Woman, a digital magazine with a powerful online presence, invites writers to share biblical perspectives with women regarding relationships, faith, and ministry.

SEEK, published through Standard Publishing, encourages adults in their walk with Christ and corresponds with topics in their adult Bible curriculum.

Devozine, which is published through The Upper Room, accepts submissions from teen writers, as well as writers who minister to youth.


Writers can minister to children ages 8-12 through Clubhouse Magazine, a Focus on the Family publication, and Pockets, distributed through The Upper Room. God’s love and truth can even be shared with children ages 3-7 through Clubhouse Jr., another magazine published through Focus on the Family.

These are just a few wonderful ministry opportunities for writers. The Christian Writer’s Market Guide (2015-2016), available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, is compiled by Jerry Jenkins and offers updated information on submission opportunities for magazines and more.

I’m looking forward to hearing what God does as you continue to hone your craft and prayerfully invite Him to expand your reach for His glory, through the ministry of magazine writing.

And in my next interview, Heidi Killion Gaul will share tips that led to her stories being published in eight Chicken Soup for the Soul books.


The links shared in this post were confirmed at the time this article was posted. Inspire Christian Writers is not responsible for changed links, publishers updating their writer’s guidelines, or the content posted the publisher websites.


Author Photo 2016 - INSPIRE ThumbnailXochitl (soh-cheel) E. Dixon encourages women and teens to embrace God’s grace and deepen their personal relationships with God and others. Her devotions will be featured in Our Daily Bread, starting Spring 2017. She’s been published in The Upper Room, ENCOUNTER, and Devo ‘Zine magazines, in Inspire’s Victory, Promise, and Forgiveness, and at

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June 1 Is the Deadline for This Year's Anthology Submissions


These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete. (1 John 1:4, NASB)

We know John wasn’t talking about this year’s Inspire anthology, but we do hope this scripture will serve as a reminder that we need your help to make Inspire Joy complete.

We are looking for stories of personal experience, fiction, poems, and devotionals on the topic of joy. There’s no limit to how many pieces you may submit, and Inspire Press may publish up to three selections per author.

Submissions are due no later than June 1. That’s next Wednesday! Time to dust off your computer or notebook, get feedback from your critique group, and submit your joy story. Please refer to the style sheet before submitting.

Membership reminder and password resets (a joyful update)
Your membership must be current for you to submit a joy story and have it published in the anthology.

It fills us with joy to announce that we’ve fixed the bug that was making it impossible to reset your password. So if you’ve forgotten your login password or need to renew your membership, do those first, and then head over to submit your joy story.

Forgiveness: What’s Your Story?

BREAKING NEWS: The Submission Deadline has just been EXTENDED TO JULY 1.

What emotion does the word forgiveness evoke in you?

It’s not a neutral word, though we toss it about like a badminton birdie. It flits through our conversation without carrying much weight until that moment when we’ve said or done something hurtful. All of a sudden a gorge opens up between us and someone dear to us. This formidable canyon severs our connection and distorts or destroys communication.

Like me, you’ve been on both sides of the gorge. You’ve sinned and desperately needed someone to forgive you. And you’ve been hurt by someone you love. Trust and communication were destroyed. And then the grace of forgiveness brought renewed relationship, restored friendship, hope and trust for a better future.

What’s your forgiveness story?

Are you willing to share your story in order to inspire forgiveness in others?

Inspire Christian Writers is accepting submissions for our 2015 anthology, Inspire Forgiveness. We are looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, devotionals, and more on the topic of forgiveness. If you’re an Inspire member, you can submit your piece today. If you haven’t yet joined, you can join today for only $50 per year.

Submissions need to be fewer than 1,500 words, clearly relate to the theme, and follow the Inspire style formatting. Start preparing today. We can’t wait to see how God will bless our readers through your stories on this important topic.

We’re accepting submissions between March 1st and July 1st, 2015.

beth_thompsonElizabeth M Thompson loves stories–fiction and nonfiction alike. Mostly, she loves God’s story and seeks to share with readers how they fit into it. When she’s not reading, writing, or serving the Inspire writers, she can be found along the American River, pedaling her bike, paddling a kayak or walking hand-in-hand with her husband Mike. Connect with Elizabeth on her blog, Facebook or Twitter. She loves to connect with other writers!

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Why not apply for an Artist In Residence Program?

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Are you ready to learn more? You can visit the Headlands website for details about the AIR Programs and application process. If you’re interested, be sure to apply before the June 15 deadline. There is a $45 application processing fee.


Join the conversation: Have you ever experienced a Writer in Residence program? Do you plan to apply? Why or why not?