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3 thoughts on “COMMUNITY

  1. Hi I, I wanted to submit a story on Joy, but your submission guidelines will not allow me to do that, simply because I have to use a larger font to write, as I am blind in one eye. Even writing this post was hard I know I probably made several mistake’s.I will give you a small sample of Joy in my life, right now. My beautiful daughter who has just finished three rounds of Chemo, and is back home and the flowers I sent, were waiting, on her porch, she called to say they were, and I quote(the mixed roses were just perfect) Blessing’s Marlene

  2. Hi, Marlene — what a lovely story of joy you’ve shared here. Blessings to you and prayers for your daughter’s healing and complete recovery. I hope you’ll hear back soon from our fearless anthology editors about your font size question.

  3. Hi Guy’s , there is a workshop coming up, I would love to , attend , but I need a ride to there from Rocklin. I don’t drive due to vision problems . I am at your mercy. Let me know , so I can register .
    Blessing’s Marlene