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14 thoughts on “Community Groups

  1. There is a Paul Hayes who lives in Rancho Cordova near Bradshaw and Hwy 50. He joined Inspire a few weeks ago, but hasn’t heard which critique group he’s in. Needs a contact number.
    I told him I’d help find out who to call.

    Karen Foster

  2. I don’t drive due to vision problems . I would like to go to the workshop on Saturday May 16th
    I live in Rocklin and if any of you are going from my area I sure would like to ride with you.
    Blessing Marlene (see our private Facebook Page for contact information.)

  3. Hi I live in Rocklin , and would love to attend the workshop this coming Saturday in ElDeradro Hills I don’t drive due to eyesight so if anyone’s going from my area could I hitch a ride? Please either comment on this website or e-mail me at Blessing Marlene

  4. Hi, Why is there no longer a member page? Also I have not received any info concerning what’s happening at Inspire.
    Blessing’s Marlen Martinez
    OH, I did receive an email from Hope Squire , about a survey , but pollydaddy did not work. What’s up with that/ At a loss help , please.

      • Grace and peace to you, Inspire Writers,
        I just joined this site and look forward to the camaraderie of Christian writers, especially since I live in Hawaii. The group application form says to click as many of the categories that your writing falls under, but the system only allows the user to select one. Should I be holding a certain key down in order select more than one? Thank you for your help, Suzanne

        • Hi, Suzanne,

          Welcome to Inspire Writers. We’re so glad you have joined us. It appears you may have found a problem with the form that we’ll need to fix. For now, just select the primary genre you use, and David Hyde can follow-up with you to learn more about your writing. That way he can get you plugged into the best group for you.

          Thanks for reaching out, and we look forward to being part of your writing journey!

    • Hi, Londa,

      We’d love for you to browse the website and join our group. I’m the new membership director and a fairly new member myself, and so I’m not sure what the rules were for publication in 2013, when our Faith anthology published. Perhaps membership wasn’t a requirement then? We’d love to get you connected with a critique group in your area or one online, if you decide to join us. And while most of our workshops are in the Sacramento area, we do record them and make them available to our members for viewing at any time.

  5. Hi,

    I am in need of a volunteer who would be willing to look at my branding/website idea. I need input and suggestions from someone with experience in these areas. I currently have a WordPress site and wish to implement a new theme after I’ve received input from one (or more) Inspire writers. Lunch is on me, if we are able to meet in person.

    I’m also looking for a daytime critique group or a critique/editing partner to meet with monthly in Elk Grove, Galt, Lodi, Stockton or thereabout. I live in Clements and can commute to any of those towns.

    Thank you,
    Dianne Marie Andre

  6. I have two questions. One , why is there never any activity , here ? oh, I guess I have three , Are the members active at all . If they are I guess they are going to the upcoming conference in February and would like to share a Hotel room?
    Thanks Marlene