Dear Tennessee

Dear Tennessee, 

Today we are sending you a treasure. We expect that you will value this treasure as we do and welcome her with great joy.

Please provide our treasure a comfortable home, a supportive faith community, rich life experiences and even some new writing friends.

She is leaving the beauty of her beloved California and venturing into the yet-unknown territory of you. Please surprise her with more beauty than she can anticipate or imagine.

Please welcome her family with open arms and open hearts. You’ll be so glad you did, because Joanne is the kind of friend who will love you back. She’s the kind of friend who will bring tissues when you’re crying while plotting to restore your laughter.

She’ll listen to you whine for just a minute and then direct you to buck up and take action–like only the daughter of a marine can.

Joanne is a gifted writer, speaker and mentor of women and writers. She is energetic, engaging and encouraging. She’s also snort-sweet-tea-through-your-nose funny.

I know you’ll enjoy her.

You’ll treasure her as we do. You’ll discover she’s passionate about justice. And equally passionate about mercy. She is hospitable, warm and friendly.

So, Tennessee, take good care of this precious friend we are entrusting to you, a treasure more valuable than gold. Guard her. Encourage her. Welcome her. Love her.


We certainly do.


Inspire Christian Writers Board and Members