Free One-Year Inspire Christian Writers Membership

17823873_sWe interrupt this blog post with a quick announcement:

Because we had such a great response to the survey and received so much helpful feedback, we’ve drawn two winners instead of one!

And the winners are…

Linda Lohman

Jane Daly

Congratulations to you both! You will receive a free one-year membership to Inspire Christian Writers (or an extension of your existing membership). Your membership comes with many great benefits. Be sure to take full advantage of them.

The survey results and comments from participants will help us deliver the content you want most. This is what you told us you’d like more of:

  1. Fiction Writing Tips & Training
  2. (tie) Writing Basics/Platform & Marketing/Blogging
  3. Inspiration and Motivation for Writers
  4. Nonfiction Writing Tips & Training
  5. Critique
  6. (tie) Author Interviews/Writing Business
  7. Self-Publishing

Only 4 points separated our highest score from our lowest, showing a very broad interest in all categories. We will increase our posts on Fiction Writing and bring in more fiction speakers. We’ll continue to seek out and present great content in each area. I hope you’ll continue to give us feedback. Let us know what your writing goals are and how Inspire can help you achieve them.

Is there anything about the survey that surprised you? Anything you’d like to add to our list of topics?