Get Inspired! Workshop: Tips & Tricks with Word, Scrivener Basics and How to Submit to Inspire Forgiveness


Join us Saturday, April 18 for a power-packed training workshop!

Michelle Murray and Lori Sinclair will present:

  • Tips & Tricks for Word Documents
  • How to Prepare Your Submission for Inspire Forgiveness
  • And Scrivener Basics for Writers

Word Documents

Most writers use Word to create their manuscripts and many of us have no idea how to properly format a Word document to improve it’s content, appearance and likelihood of publication. Michelle and Lori will teach us all we need to know in this hands-on workshop. Be sure to bring your laptop or tablet.

Inspire Forgiveness

Once they’ve formed a foundation of formatting fundamentals, Lori and Michelle will focus on the specifics of formatting and preparing your submission for the 2015 Inspire Forgiveness anthology. Our popular anthologies are written exclusively by Inspire members. To eliminate many common reasons for rejection, come and learn how to meet the editors’ expectations. (Hint: Michelle Murray is the Anthology Coordinator and oversees the anthology editorial team.)


Have you discovered Scrivener? It’s a powerful tool to help writers create and organize their work. It’s especially designed for use with novels and screenplays, but can also help you organize a nonfiction book. Our speakers will give you an overview of Scrivener and enough information to help you get started using it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download a free trial of Scrivener here.

Here’s what you need to know to get to the Get Inspired! Workshop:

Date: Saturday, April 18

Time: 9:30 am to noon

Location: Oasis Christian Mission Center, 10255 Old Placerville Rd #1, Sacramento, CA 95827

Bring: laptop or tablet

Cost: Free for all Inspire members, non-members pay only $15 at the door.

Our Speakers: 


Michelle Murray  writes Christian Fantasy and Bible curriculum for students and adults. She teaches Middle School and leads a thriving Inspire Christian Writers critique group. She’s passionate about the Word of God and medieval history. In the summer of 2014 she founded Strong Tower Press to publish her own works with the first novella coming soon!

Michelle also serves as the Inspire Anthology Coordinator and oversees the selection, editing and distribution of our annual anthologies.

Here’s Michelle’s website.


Lori Sinclair_editedLori Sinclair works as a mild-mannered business woman by day and creates allegorical works of fantasy by night. She’s published several popular books on medical billing, one of her areas of expertise.

Lori is also the author of over 60 original church skits and stage productions, as well as numerous short stories and a little poetry. You can learn more about her by visiting her blog.


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4 thoughts on “Get Inspired! Workshop: Tips & Tricks with Word, Scrivener Basics and How to Submit to Inspire Forgiveness

  1. Can’t wait for this workshop. First, I haven’t mastered formatting and look forward to your help. Second, I’m working on a submission for the anthology. And third, with you two in the room, I can confidently look forward to a lot of laughter and fun!

  2. OH! This workshop sounds fantastic! But… I’ll be out of town visiting my husband at his job. Please say you’ll off it again (perhaps May or June?)

    • Hi Dina, we will have a workshop in May and in June, but the topics will be different. You’ll be able to listen to this one soon on our website under the “Workshops” tab.

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