Inspire Member Spotlight: Anne Baxter Campbell

How long have you been a member of Inspire Christian Writers?

I joined in January this year.

What prompted you to join Inspire?

The wonderful people I’ve met there. Also, I wanted to be involved in the July Write to Inspire Conference, and the Bay Area ACFW chapter (where I am also a member) opted out of supporting the conference this year. They had last year.

When did you first know you were a writer?

Wow, you’re really digging through my oldest memory banks. I think it all starts with reading. I can remember my dad reading the Sunday funnies to my brother and me when we were pretty small, and I had a LOT of Golden Books. Then Dick and Jane and Spot came on the scene, and I could actually read the stories for myself.

The first story I remember writing was an assignment from (I think) the fifth grade teacher. She wanted a nonfiction, but I’m afraid I discovered then fiction was my niche. I still don’t know if the teacher realized my brother and I didn’t really find an eagle’s nest and do battle with the baby eagles’ mom.

Describe your writing career high point and low point.

High point? Last year when Karen Ball declared my manuscript “good writing.”

Low point: the first time I submitted to a contest, sure mine was immeasurably wonderful, and it didn’t even place.

Which of your stories is closest to your heart?

You might just as well ask which of my three kids I love the most. With my kids, it’s whichever one is close enough to hug. With the stories, it’s whichever one I’m working on.

Describe receiving your first book contract.

*Sigh* In my dreams.

What project of yours is gathering dust?

The first novel, which I’ve been told is really out of sync. It involves time travel to the first century. Not only is time travel no longer selling, first century isn’t popular, either.

What’s next for you?

Just enjoying the writing and waiting for Karen to respond to my proposal. It’s been four months—do you think I should give up?

What does it mean to you to be a writer?

It means a chance that people reading the books, blogs, or posts will maybe see the light that Jesus provides, that just one person will accept Him as their Lord, that just one stray will return to him.

Was there a book that changed your life?

I think any book you read will affect (or infect) your life. I believe that we should be extremely careful about what we feed our minds. But the only book I can say actually changed my life would be the Bible.

Many, many books “softened” my heart toward God, even before becoming a Christian—like The Silver Challis and Dear and Glorious Physician I read when a teenager. Now, my favorites are ones that dig into my heart and make me examine the depth of my own commitment, like Kathi Macias’ Extreme Devotion and Freedom series.


Describe your writing environment. Or better yet, include a photo.

My favorite writing environment is on the loveseat in the front room, Hubby seated nearby in his recliner, Meggie (the seven-pound dog) snuggled under my left elbow, Morris (the eighteen-pound cat) taking up the right two-thirds of the loveseat, and the laptop clickity clicking away.

What is the best writing advice you have ever received?


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