Inspire Member Spotlight: Marta Burden

How long have you been a member of Inspire Christian Writers?

I joined in January 2012


What prompted you to join Inspire?

I decided it was time to take my writing seriously. I wanted to become part of a writing community.


When did you first know you were a writer?

My first endeavor was a short story I wrote when I was maybe in second or third grade. It was titled, “Mystery of the Giant Foot Prints.” But I spelled it Prince instead. I can’t tell you what it was about.  Fast forward many moons. Each time I go to Israel, I journal my adventures in an email blog. After several people told me I should write more, I started believing them.


Describe your writing career high point and low point.

I’m still so new at it. I guess I could say every day I write, I experience high and low points. I’m on top of the world when at the end of the day I re-read my work in progress and see potential. Other days, however I know I’ve wasted my time doing everything else but what I set out to do in my writing. That is a low point knowing I’m not doing what I feel God has called me to do.


Which of your stories is closest to your heart?

My one and only (so far), Martha’s Place, about a widow and her boarding house for single women. I’ve gotten to know these characters, and they’ve become part of my family. When discussing them with my husband, outsiders would think they are real people. I think they are.


Describe receiving your first book contract.

In my dreams. I’ll update you when it happens.


What project of yours is gathering dust?

I have several devotional and children’s books ruminating in my mind.


What’s next for you?

I’ve begun the sequel to my first book. I’d also like to begin fleshing out the children’s books.


What does it mean to you to be a writer?

I have a great responsibility and I don’t take it lightly. I’ve been called by God to represent Him correctly in my writing. I can’t just write down words to garner attention. What I say needs to reflect Him in a manor worthy of His character.


Was there a book that changed your life?

I can’t say off hand one in particular right now. But then again I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. I have a notebook with quotes I’ve gathered from books along the way. If a quote is worthy to be written down in my notebook, it’s had an impact on my life.


Describe your writing environment. Or better yet, include a photo.

My environment is transient. Sometimes I use my dining room table and other times my couch. Thank goodness for laptop computers. My dream writing space is a little dollhouse cottage in the backyard with a desk and comfy couch.


What is the best writing advice you have ever received?

It’s a quote from my favorite author, Jan Karon. “If God has given you a dream, you’d better get cracking because He wants you to use it.”

The mechanics of writing are available through classes, workshops and conferences. But if you have something to say and you feel God has given it to you, get cracking.

You can connect with Marta at