Inspire: Where Do We Go From Here?


Inspire Christian Writers started ten years ago around my dining room table. Today there are over 100 of us and we’ve outgrown our Northern California roots, with members in several states.

All this growth has been exciting, fun, and honestly, a bit overwhelming. When Inspire began, I never imagined it would grow beyond a small group of writers working together to improve our craft and pursue publication.

Last year, serious growing pains set in. I’ve been unable to keep up with the demands on my time as a leader.

I enlisted the help of Cheri Douglas, a consultant who facilitates change management and advises small businesses and government departments on team building and strategic planning.

Together with a group of dedicated Inspire members, we created a strategic plan to help us manage Inspire’s future. With this plan in place, we’ll be better equipped to accomplish our mission.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing that plan with you. For today, I’m unveiling our new and improved mission statement:


Inspire Christian Writers exists to provide a network of support, encouragement, education, and spiritual growth for Christian writers. Our writers minister biblical truths with excellence, clarity, and love, to transform lives and the publishing industry.

The next few blog posts will introduce the exciting things we’re putting into place to fulfill that mission.

Have you developed a mission statement for your personal writing ministry? If so, what key elements did you include?