Submission Opportunity for Inspire Christian Writers!

Inspire Love Anthology – Deadline May 31, 2017

Membership in Inspire Christian Writers has many benefits, including the invitation to submit to our yearly anthology.

Our editors are currently inviting Inspire members to submit fiction or nonfiction love-themed stories, poems, devotions, or articles.

Through the submission process, we can practice following professional guidelines and waiting for editors to consider our work.

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to the waiting game or the possibility of rejection?

Because both are required to earn publishing credits.

Though not all writers are interested in, prepared for, or even purposed for publication, we encourage Inspire members to prayerfully consider sharing their God-given voices.

Submitting our work for critique, and to be considered for publication in the anthology, can help us gain the much-needed experience required to take our writing to the next level or explore new genres.

The anthology submission presents an opportunity to hone our craft, practice the skills necessary for submitting to traditional magazine and book publishers and, if selected for publication, to learn how to work with editors.

Inspire editors are committed to equipping writers to inspire the world and providing a safe place to learn and grow.

Please review our submission guidelines and submit on or before the May 31, 2017 deadline.

Why not share that love story God’s placed on your heart?