Tell Us Your Love Stories, in Under 1500 Words!

Submission Opportunity for Inspire Members (Deadline: May 31, 2017)

Inspire Members, do you have a love story to tell, but aren’t sure where you should share it?

Do you need to add a publishing credit to your writing resume?

Have you wanted to submit for publication, but hesitated because you weren’t sure if you were ready?

Have you feared rejection or even success? Or maybe you just don’t think you have the time to write and edit a project, much less the courage to allow others the privilege of reading the words God gives you?

These are challenges all writers have faced at one time or another in their writing journey. And these are only a few of the obstacles that have been overcome with the help of our amazing Inspire Christian Writers Anthology Editing Team.

Check out what our members are saying about submitting to Inspire anthologies:

“God moved me to share an experience that might inspire others to appreciate His majesty. It was difficult to find the right words, but the process built my courage to submit other articles since then.” (Dr. W. Alan Dixon, Sr.)

“Writing about my last moments with Dad brought healing from childhood wounds. Wonderful mentors at Inspire cheered, encouraged, and edited the story. When Inspire published it (my first ever published piece) I felt pure delight!” (Debbie Warren)

“First published in Inspire Trust, I became a “real” author. It was new joy, not a whim. I’m sure God uses these powerful pieces for His glory.” (Michelle Murray)

“I’ve served as an editor and had short stories in the last five Inspire anthologies. It’s easy to follow the Inspire anthology template and post the story. It’s so rewarding seeing another story in print.”  (Elaine Faber)

What a blessing to hear how the Lord uses the writing, submission, and publication process to minister to writers and readers.

Inspire Members, it’s time to submit your best work for the Inspire Love Anthology.

Review the Submission Guidelines and send us your Early Submissions before May 15, 2017, to give our editors a chance to enjoy the first batch of love.

The final deadline is May 31, 2017, but submitting earlier will help you develop the skills necessary for beating those professional deadlines.

Submit your story today.

We’re looking forward to sharing your story in Inspire Love.

(Photos taken and used with permission at the 2016 Inspire Joy Anthology Book Launch.)


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  1. Thanks, Xochi, for this article which encourages me to keep writing! Inspire is the most encouraging group I could ever be a part of.

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