Vision and Values: Key to Achieving Our Mission


An important part of our Strategic Planning session involved clarifying Inspire Christian Writers’ vision.

To determine our vision, we asked, “What is it we want to do through Inspire?” The answer to that question became Inspire’s Vision Statement:

“Equipping writers, inspired by God, to transform the world.”

Our Vision Statement complements our Mission Statement. Together they define who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our Strategic Planning Team also identified five Core Values. We agreed that these values would guide our beliefs about how things should be done among Inspire Christian Writers.

Five Core Values:

Empowering Unity


Edifying Communication

Excellence in Craft

Eternal Impact

As we seek to fulfill our vision, we are sure to encounter challenges along the way. Events and attitudes may rise up against us, threatening to undermine our efforts and keep us from reaching our goals.

If we hold to these values and implement and protect them in all we do, they will help us overcome these challenges and achieve the vision and mission of Inspire.

We will explore our Core Values a little deeper this week, until then…

What is your Vision Statement for your writing ministry? Have you identified the core values that will guide you to achieving your vision? If so, I’d love to have you share them.