WCCW: Re-Branding a Writers Conference One Step at a Time

 Re-Branding a Writers Conference One Step at a Time was used by permission by the author.

When there’s a turnover in leadership, it’s not uncommon for a business to change its mission, its primary customer, its services and products – even its name.

During the last decade, I’ve coached many people who have expanded their brand or entirely reinvented it.

Since February 2014, I’ve served as part of a team that is re-branding a Christian writers conference.

Today, I’ll share the progress we’re making and invite you to adapt our strategies for your own business, should you be considering re-branding. 


After 20 years of directing the Christian Writers Seminar, a 1.5-day conference in Castro Valley, CA, pastor Jon Drury retired and moved to God’s County (Washington State, where I live). He handed the reins of the conference directorship to five eager volunteers: Susy Flory, Carrie Dameron, Cheri Gregory, Kathi Lipp, and me.

Since we knew the 2015 conference would be moving to a new venue, we decided that now would be the optimal time to make major changes to the conference. We wanted to build on the elements that made the Christian Writers Seminar successful: the safe environment for writers to learn more about the craft, to network with like-minded writers and to join critique groups that would provide nurture and support year-round.

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