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Write to Inspire 2013

debbiealsdorf Dubbed the accidental author, Debbie Alsdorf is a popular author and speaker with nine nonfiction books published. Debbie Alsdorf shares about her Nonfiction Writing Journey, the Spiritual Life of a Writer and provides Practical Pointers for Anyone Writing a Book. audio_button[wlm_paypalpro_btn sku=164A6359D5]$9.99[/wlm_paypalpro_btn] audio_button_member[wlm_paypalpro_btn sku=5062B184EC]$5.99[/wlm_paypalpro_btn]
johnolson  John B. Olson is an award-winning novelist, scientist, speaker and entrepreneur who lives in San Leandro, California. He has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has started three software companies. John is the author of six novels, including Fossil Hunter, Oxygen, and Shade. audio_button[wlm_paypalpro_btn sku=94BE0A8A07]$9.99[/wlm_paypalpro_btn] audio_button_member[wlm_paypalpro_btn sku=8F35354FC6]$5.99[/wlm_paypalpro_btn]
jessicakristie  Jessica Kristie of Winter Goose Publishing audio_buttonFree audio_button_memberFree
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