2014 Write to Inspire Conference: Lyn Lasneski Interview

Are you ready to discover how to awaken the creative genius inside? Meet the “Genius Whisperer,” Lyn Lasneski, an award-winning artist, pilot, and trainer. An extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to helping writers and other creatives unlock their potential, Lyn is one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Inspire Christian Writers conference Oct 3-4, 2014.

Here are a few key ideas Lyn shared in our video interview:

  • Your everyday experiences can make you a better writer. Lyn explains how becoming a pilot helped her become a better painter.
  • Building awareness of the world around you is crucial to becoming a better writer.
  • Developing personal creative rituals is essential to getting started.
  • Why you need to create your own personal creative space.
  • How to define success, and when it’s “okay” to call yourself a writer.

Lyn Lasneski has been lovingly dubbed ‘the Genius Whisperer’ by her students. Art and adventure define her. She earned an Art’s degree in Wyoming, is a pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFII and MEII), and enjoyed flying tourists around Mt. Denali for several years.

During her 10 years in Alaska she devoted herself to researching the thinking habits of history’s greatest geniuses, from Leonardo DaVinci to Tesla and Feynman. She also taught herself to paint at that time–something she didn’t learn while pursuing her Art’s degree. However, it’s Lyn’s ardor to awaken the creative genius in every individual, that burns most bright. Her personal genius is teaching and training, and has been doing so for over 30 years. Her repertoire includes teaching others to fly airplanes, how to draw and paint with excellence, dance, visual thinking, and how to access their personal genius. She ignites imaginations through creativity boot camps, art workshops and creative thinking schools for business and innovation.

An accomplished national award-winning artist, Lyn has earned a drapery of accolades including “Best of Show,” “People’s Choice,” “Private Collections,” and entry and other awards in the National Oil Painter’s of America Show (a prestigious event that admits only 160 out of 4,000 annual entries.) Her artwork has shown in galleries in Arizona, California, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Hawaii.

Trained as one of Les Brown’s Platinum speakers, she speaks with authenticity and joy. Lyn’s curriculum is used by multiple Universities and Schools for all their students. Lyn imbues the energy of her experience into painting and into hearts and minds through teaching at workshops, conferences, speaking engagements, and her upcoming book. An artist who inspires the best in her students, Lyn believes creativity and genius are every person’s birthright.

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