Writing Tips

Get in Line and Outline

Numbers and letters are an effective way to organize our thoughts. But when outlining, we have to remember that if we have a “1,” we […]

Craft of Writing

Edits are Murder

Since writers are notorious for giving others advice, I thought it would be fun to dig up some of the most recycled tidbits on writing […]

Author Interview

Author Interview: Kathi Macias

A writer’s world, which can often feel isolating and lonely, is enriched by fellowship. Some authors, like Kathi Macias, have learned to appreciate writing communities […]

Writer's Journey

Making Time

The blog post “Making Time – My Thoughts” was submitted by Shannon Dittemore and used with the author’s permission. Writers are in LOVE with words. We […]

Author Interview

Author Interview: Mary Beth Magee

Today we welcome Inspire Christian writer, Mary Beth Magee. Mary Beth, you started writing for publication when you were just a girl. Please share with […]