A Raw Pearl: Poem on Writing

Here’s a poem on writing by Inspire’s own Dee Aspin. Enjoy!


A Raw Pearl

Writing a book is nothing less,

Than a personal spiritual mystery—

A fantastic discovery.

We write—words flood and tumble out,

Sometimes from a million directions;

Like rivers

Into a sea, splashing…

Onto our keyboards.

From the depth of our being,

Waves of thought,

Streams of memory,

Tides of times–

Crashing, churning in our minds,

Wash upon a beach

And recede—revealing

A written page.

Full of faces and moments,

Sights and sounds;

And we are powerless

To stop a move of God.

We can only silently, prayerfully sit

And watch and participate

In wonder—

As the form emerges,

like a pearl

forms painfully,

between two shells:

the raw covers,

the rough draft,

of our manuscript.

© 2010 Dee Aspin

About Dee Aspin 1 Article
Dee is a writer, speaker, coach and author of Lord of the Ringless, 40 devotionals and Bible studies for singles that inspire hope and trust. Dee has worked in Singles, Prayer, and Juvenile Hall Chaplaincy ministries over 25 years.