Announcing Finishing School

Do you need to learn etiquette? charm? manners? deportment? How to carry yourself in every social situation? Or how to move about society with grace and ease?

If so, this finishing school is NOT for you!

But if  you have unfinished writing projects that clutter your shelf and your mind. Or dreams of the next project but the unfinished one stops the flow of words, then …

We have a solution. It’s called Finishing School, as taught by Cary Tennis and Danelle Morton in their book by the same name.

Inspire will be offering a four-week class in March (once a week for two hours), led by Inspire Board Member, Karen Schubert. For full details and to register for this class, CLICK HERE and discover how you can complete those unfinished projects!

Image: Sam Hood [Public domain]
SLNSW 52392 Pupils at Doone Ladies Finishing School at Edgecliff

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