A River to Cross

A River to Cross
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Series: The Stones of Gilgal, Book 2
Genres: Biblical, Fiction, Historical
Publisher: Mountain View Press
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 1683141415
ISBN: 9781683141419

Sorting through the rubble resulting from BALAAM'S CURSE, Othniel, Acsah and their friends find themselves facing floods of disappointment, grief, and fear. Moses dies. The Jordan slowly rises to an impassable, raging torrent. And Yahweh makes it clear that Joshua is His choice to replace their beloved leader. How can this hesitant assistant man lead them across the river? To bolster confidence, Joshua sends spies into Canaan. When they escape Jericho only by the faith and bravery of a Canaanite girl, the Promised Land doesn’t seem so promising.

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About the Book

Although human eyes see only a river separating Israel from the Promised Land, primordial powers of darkness are determined to prevent a crossing that will change the world.

In the thrilling sequel to Balaam’s Curse, Acsah, Othniel, Jonathan and their friends sort through the rubble of the Midianite war for pieces of the simple and innocent life they’ve lost. But there is no going back. While nearly drowning in personal rivers of disappointment, grief, and fear, they hardly notice the Jordan River slowly rising to an impassable, raging torrent. By the time they do, Moses is dead. Yahweh has made it clear that Joshua is his chosen replacement, but the people have little faith that this hesitant man can lead them into Canaan.

To bolster confidence, Joshua sends Salmon and another young spy across the river in a reconnaissance mission that plunges them into a world where evil prowls in broad daylight and death waits in the darkness. They escape the depraved city of Jericho only by the quick thinking of a Canaanite girl who risks her life in exchange for a promise of rescue. Now her life and the future of the world depend on crossing that river.

About the Author
C.L. Smith

C. L. Smith, retired junior high school English and history teacher, former missionary, and life-time Bible student, has been captivating audiences around the world for years with the timeless thrill of biblical tales. For the past 25 years the author has been weaving her lifetime love of learning and people into the fabric of obscure ancient texts from the books of Numbers, Joshua, and Judges. She calls the resulting tapestry of rich scenes, colorful characters, and exciting episodes The STONES OF GILGAL saga, an inspirational six-part series of biblical novels set in the time of Joshua.

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