Days of Faith and Joy

Days of Faith and Joy
Genres: Nonfiction, Poetry
Publisher: Inspire Press
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 114 pages
ASIN: 1938196139
ISBN: 9781938196133

Faith and Joy are dictionary-sisters. Each stand perfectly on its own merit. Yet, together—they become a powerhouse for the Christian journey!

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About the Book

For the Christian, the words “faith” and “joy” are inherently related. They’re like siblings–Faith is the older and Joy is the younger. Faith stands firm in the strength of the Lord, while Joy eagerly awaits the Lord’s fulfillment.

In Days of Faith and Joy, you will see Sharon struggling to understand fundamental biblical concepts and where the Lord faithfully meet her at each turning point.

A common thread throughout is the rocky-road relationship between Sharon and her Mother. Discover where the Lord meets Sharon during a routine workday and replaces long-stand sadness with peace that surpasses understanding.

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