Genres: Animals, Christian Living, Dogs, Memoir, Nonfiction, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth
Publisher: Inspire Press
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 250
ASIN: 1938196074
ISBN: 9781938196072

dogSpirations – easily relatable devotions inspired by our canine companions.

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About the Book

Experiences we share with our pets help us to understand ourselves, others and God.

dogSpirations are teachable moments our dogs inspire.

Dogs have an uncanny ability to make us feel special. I think that’s why God created animals first in his grand design. He placed them in the garden to welcome man and to teach us a few things.

The brief life span of our pets teach us how to process our own mortality. Through them we experience all the stages of life from puppyhood to old age. We glimpse the attributes of our Creator by their expressions of unconditional love and divine forgiveness. We understand our personality types are as varied and typical as each specific breed!

As it was in the beginning so it will be in the end. And in the in-between may we delight in the divine glimpses and learn the little lessons our dogs bring us.


You will be touched and…

  • Empowered to glimpse God as a loving, gracious Creator who is involved in the smallest details of your daily life.
  • Equipped with wisdom and perspective to embrace a positive attitude toward difficult people and distressing situations.
  • Encouraged through observing animal behaviors to take small steps toward personal and spiritual growth.
About the Author
Dee Aspin

Dee is a writer, speaker, coach and author of Lord of the Ringless, devotions and Bible studies that inspire hope and trust. Dee has worked in Singles, Prayer, and Juvenile Hall chaplaincy ministries over 25 years. Newly married, she and her husband Steve find great joy in dogs.

She has written devotions for, Barbour Books, Heavenly Humor for the Dog Lover’s Soul, and Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover’s Soul. She’s also written stories that ignite faith for Revel, The Dog Next Door, Guideposts, Christian Reader and more.

Dee is amazed by God’s presence in this world daily, His constant love and hope He delivers outside of the box.

Dee’s newest release, DogSpirations, burgeoned from an especially difficult decade of her life eased by God’s love and faithfulness and Sammy and the schnauzers—doggie angels who ushered her through the dark of winter into the spring of a new day.

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