Heavenly Company

Heavenly Company
Authors: ,
Genre: Compilation
Publisher: Guideposts Books
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 240 pages
ASIN: 082493170X
ISBN: 9780824931704

Entertaining Angels Unaware

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About the Book

Expertly compiled by bestselling author Cecil Murphey, contained within this powerful book are the stories of individuals who have encountered angels, seen and unseen.

An urgent need. A moment of desperation. In this collection of real-life stories from encounters with God’s angels and mysterious, helpful strangers, Cecil Murphey and his co-writer, Twila Belk, masterfully bring together stories from all over the world that share one thing in common: the way in which God uses his messengers to touch our lives.

From Ellen Cardwell’s story of a highway angel who helped her and her husband continue their trip after car trouble on California’s desolate Highway 1, to Delores Topliff’s story of her childhood, where, on the brink of starvation, an angel on a bicycle drops off bags of groceries, these stories will challenge and reward our faith in God. The God who tells us to entertain strangers, and possibly, heavenly company. Foreword by Don Piper.

About the Author
Ellen Cardwell (Contributor)

Ellen Cardwell was raised in San Francisco, and lived most of her adult life in the East Bay. The majority of those years were spent raising two children and helping her husband with his business. On becoming empty-nesters, Don and Ellen moved to El Dorado Hills, a pretty little town on the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas.

After becoming a widow and seeking God’s direction for the future, Ellen sensed a desire to attend a Christian Writer’s Conference at Mount Hermon. While there, she heard Ethel Herr state the goal of Christian writers is to glorify God, not to be published. That remains her motivation to continue learning the craft.

Unlike many writers, Ellen didn’t have a burning desire to put her thoughts down in print. But as she began putting into words what God had put in her heart, she exposed a way, previously hidden, of reaching others beyond her immediate circle of influence. For instance, the devotionals written for The Upper Room are translated into thirty-nine languages and read by two million people worldwide.

Now Ellen is expanding her range into writing longer pieces that allow for further development of ideas. Inspire critiques have helped move toward that goal.

Several of Ellen’s devotionals have been published in The Upper Room Magazine. Her short story, “Angel on the Shoulder”, was included in Cecil Murphy’s Heavenly Company, a Guideposts collection. Another biographical account was included in Journeys to Mother Love, a compilation of Cladach Publishing.

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