Pho & His Fun Photo Family

Pho & His Fun Photo Family
Genres: Children's, Education
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 1523330600
ISBN: 9781523330607

In this educational children’s book, the funny camera characters which were inspired by different camera brands are loved by the whole family. The stories introduce Pho and his Fun Photo Family, while teaching the readers the basic concepts of photography. More than a story or a history lesson, Pho & his Fun Photo Family will leave readers with a treasured memory book of their early photography and a valued resource to use as their art continues to develop.

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About the Book

Young photographers meet Pho and learn about how he opens his heart to let the light in.

They discover how this turns out to be the beginning of “PHO’s & His Fun Photo Family” adventures in photography.

Pho then shares stories from his ancestry, revealing the history of photo art to readers through everything from 19th-century photo boxes to present day photography.

The character of each camera in the Fun Photo Family is unique and engaging.

While going through the story, readers learn PHOVOCAB and get to participate in a series of interactive PHOTASKS that encourage positive living, strong relationships with loved ones and recognizing beauty in the world around them.

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