Seer of Windmere

Seer of Windmere
$12.00eBook: $2.99
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Historical
Publisher: Strong Tower Press
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 262 pages
ISBN: 9781942320166

High King Kaldreck's kingdom is in jeopardy. He must find his queen, and uncover a secret threat.

Ellianna is simple, not from high society. Her ancestors have possessed special gifts, but she is sure she will never be so blessed. What if the Creator has more planned then just providing heirs for the king?

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About the Book

Kaldreck needs a queen. Not any woman will do. She has to be his One and Only chosen for him by the Divine. Could a simple bot rancher’s daughter spark the song in his heart and surprise them all in awakening the entire kingdom into a glorious revival?

Ellianna doesn’t believe in the claim of Calgent, being someone’s One and Only. But someone has just claimed her—none other than the High King. Ellianna knows she can never be a good queen. But what if the Creator has made her for such a role as this, and perhaps something even more amazing?

About the Author
Michelle Janene

Michelle lives in Northern California. She teaches 6th grade by day and explores fantasy realms at all other times. She views writing as a mission field to share the transforming message of Christ--even in worlds of her own imagination. Michelle is a member and critique leader of Inspire Christian Writes and has both helped edit and been published in Inspire's annual anthologies.

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