Slime and All

Slime and All
Genre: Children's
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 16 pages
ASIN: 1616332212
ISBN: 9781616332211

A giant, talking worm wants a friend. A boy who helps him gains a friend himself.

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About the Book

The giant worm, Lump, lives on a farm but the other animals run away from him. He escapes to a town and meets Jake, who takes him to a park where he plays with other kids. This early chapter book for young readers encourages them to think about accepting those who are different. Suggested age range for readers: 4-8

About the Author
Janet Ann Collins

Janet Ann Collins has written for many periodicals and enjoys public speaking and writing books for kids. She's a retired teacher who raised deaf foster sons with special needs as well as her birth daughter. For more information please see her website,

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