The Flourishing Tree

The Flourishing Tree
Genres: Bible Study, Christian Living, Nonfiction
Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 190
ASIN: 1483419320
ISBN: 9781483419329

A guide to cultivating a life-changing journey of faith based on what we can learn from trees in the Bible and the people who interact with them.

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About the Book

The Flourishing Tree invites readers to explore biblical stories of the trees and the people who interact with them—and also learn from the Holy One who died on a tree to save us all. Understanding the blessings of these trees’ stories can point the way to our own enriched faith.

Follow along to experience four stages of spiritual growth: the first tender roots, growing tall, branching out, and harvest. If you hunger to recognize God’s grace in your life and yearn for your spiritual life to thrive, consider this book your guide to cultivating a life-changing journey of faith.

“Like rain after a long hot day, The Flourishing Tree revived me. God’s presence, grace, and mercy shine through each chapter. The Flourishing Tree not only feeds your soul, it reminds us of just how attainable it all is when we are leaning on the Master Gardener.” Allison T. Cain, author of The Whisper of God

About the Author
Hope Squires

I have a passion for God’s word and for sharing my faith with others through writing. My lifelong love of writing began at age six, when I wrote and illustrated my first book about a snow day. My parents bought me my first typewriter when I was in elementary school and was obsessed with writing stories about a volcanic eruption all the way across the country. Since that time, I have written for many purposes: as a teacher, as a marketing and PR specialist, and as a volunteer communications coordinator for my church. I write a weekly blog about all things related to life as a flourishing tree.

I published my first book The Flourishing Tree in late 2014. After drifting away from my faith and drifting through life in my twenties, I felt called to come back to a life of faith. But I had little knowledge of how to enter into a true relationship with God and so turned the Bible and other books to point the way. As I studied the Bible, I felt drawn to passages about trees, a lifelong love of mine, and I could see these trees revealing how to deepen my faith and dependence on God. My hope is that the book will help other drifters and seekers learn how to walk in faith with God.

When I am not writing, you will find me spending time in the mountains, running, reading, gardening or listening to music – but never all at the same time. Last year was an uprooting year, as my husband’s company asked us to move from my native North Carolina to California. So I’m meeting wonderful new friends and learning my way around a completely new place. Not the easiest for a directionally-challenged woman like me.

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