The Peril of the Sinister Scientist

The Peril of the Sinister Scientist
Genre: Children's
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Publication Year: 2009
Length: 98 pages
ASIN: 1935137794
ISBN: 9781935137795

Joshua needs to know what Jesus would do in Middle School. He thinks he may have been cloned from the blood on the Shroud of Turin because a scientist who worked on that experiment is stalking him.

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About the Book

Imaginative Joshua Davidson thinks he might be a clone from the blood on the Shroud of Turin. A scientist who had worked on that experiment twelve years earlier is pursuing him. But who is Joshua really? If he learns his true identity, will his life be changed forever? Suggested age for readers: 8-12

About the Author
Janet Ann Collins

Janet Ann Collins has written for many periodicals and enjoys public speaking and writing books for kids. She's a retired teacher who raised deaf foster sons with special needs as well as her birth daughter. For more information please see her website,

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