Warrior: Coming of Age

Warrior: Coming of Age
Genres: Allegory, Fiction
Publisher: Polemistis
Length: 264 pages
ASIN: 0991379004
ISBN: 9780991379002
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About the Book

The Warrior Trilogy takes place in a setting known as the Clan Home. The inhabitants have a civilization that is similar to 1st Century Rome. The stories revolve around a warrior named Axiós. He has grown up without his parents who went missing when he was nine months old. Axiós is a dedicated follower of the Ancient One. The Ancient One is the creator God and his people worship him. The enemy is Kakó. He is a fallen being who has sworn his total, undying hatred of the Ancient One. Axiós is born and raised as an orphan in this setting. The first book, Warrior: Coming of Age is the story of how Axiós, a devoted follower of the Ancient One, discovers that being a man and serving his God, is a many faceted and, at times, difficult process. After he finishes his training as a full time warrior, he is selected for a mission that involves startling changes for his life and understanding of who he is and what he will do with his life. Through all of the events of the mission, Axios finds that being a man is more than superb fighting skills. As he struggles to come to grips with his journey to maturity, he encounters many adventures and learns that becoming a man can be difficult and complicated.

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