With the Courage of a Mouse

With the Courage of a Mouse
$15.90eBook: $6.49
Series: Superhero School, Book 1
Genres: Children's, Inspirational
Publication Year: 2018
Illustrator: Diane J. Reid
ASIN: 1640853820
ISBN: 9781640853829

Catt is lost, without a home, friends or hope - until she tumbles into Sweet Meadows and meets Simon Cheddar.  A mouse with a plan, Simon is headed to Superhero School. Together the two form a great friendship, facing challenges and proving everyone has a superhero hiding inside!

Note: This book is also available in hardcover.

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About the Book

Catt the cat is without a home or even a real name.  After she is dumped in an alley, snarling dogs chase her straight through a hidden portal and into Sweet Meadows.

Catt sees a mouse fall from the sky. He’s not just any mouse, he is wearing a vest and coat.
*          *          *

Simon Cheddar is a mouse with a plan. He’s also a collector.  He likes to recycle, but he feels safer with full pockets. Simon wants to be a Superhero, so he enrolled at the Superhero School in Sweet Meadows. Today is his first class and he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

*           *          *
Outside Sweet Meadows, in Mouseville, Simon’s home is attacked by cats. Everyone suspects Catt, except Simon.

Did she do it?  Or, is she being set up?
Find out in, With the Courage of a Mouse, The Superhero School series.

About the Author
Donna Sager Cowan

As the youngest child in a large family, Donna felt lost in the crowd. She entertained herself by making up stories and friends to play with. By age 5, Donna had taught herself to read, and that began her imaginative journey to dreamy castles with princes and fairy godmothers.

Donna is a grandmother, random fact-finder, and encourager. And, yes, she believes she’s a superhero.

She lives in California with her family and four cats. (Sadly, no mice like Simon.)

Follow The Superhero School series at DonnaSagerCowan.com

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