Building Blog Traffic – One Reader at a Time

So, you want to start your own blog? Did you know there are more than 150,000 blogs created every day? But don’t be intimidated by the competition. If you have something to say and can say it well, your blog will do just fine. I have written my own blog since August 2007, that’s about ten-years-old in blog-years. So, my friend, I have a few tips for you.

1. What is the purpose of your blog?

This defines your blog, sets it apart from millions of others. Are you a mom wanting to vent? Or, maybe, a writer hoping for publishers to take notice of your quick wit and redemptive prose? You can make this little spot on the world wide web anything you want it to be. The more defined and specific the message, the easier it is to retain traffic.


Commenting is HUGE. People want to hear from you and you want to hear from others. The more you make nice and play along by encouraging others or just making witty small talk, the more blog-friends you will make – and faithful they will be! Plus, there are others out there that we bloggers like to call lurkers, they may never comment, but are reading blogs and comments as well. Often times, the comment you have left on another blog is what will bring readers and lurkers over to your site. Think of it this way, commenting is the bread crumbs of blogging, leaving a trail back to yours!

3. Participate in blog carnivals.

This is a pretty big deal. Very often, blogs will offer a giveaway, or will have a weekly link of participation, like Thankful Thursday or Wordless Wednesday. Take advantage of these. And when you do, make sure to post on your blog about it with a link back to the host blog.

4. Have blog carnivals of your own.

There are readers out there that live for these giveaways. I don’t use this to my advantage like I should. But each year I do offer a blog-design giveaway. You don’t have to spend lots on a blog carnival. You can give away something small like a used book, or a Starbucks gift card…everyone loves them, and they are easy to send through the mail.


The more you blog, the more you will discover others with gifts you want to share. From recipes, to household tips, there are lots of things your readers will love to experience right along side you.

And don’t underestimate those opportunities for praying for one another. It won’t be long before you discover bloggers who are hurting or crying out for prayer. Take the time to leave them a prayer in their comments. This may not grow your traffic, but it will surely grow your prayer life.

6. Write Well!

There is no substitute for good writing. Just don’t be long-winded about it. If your message is a long one, break it up into two parts and publish it over two days. Keep your posts short, a minimum of 250-500 words. It doesn’t matter how much you desire to get your message out, if you don’t write it well your readership will suffer. Readers are looking for take-away, something of value. Don’t disappoint.

Whether your message is short or long, I am praying your blog will change lives for His glory, one reader at a time.

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Joanne Kraft has a passion for encouraging women. A sought-after speaker, Kraft has been published in Today's Christian Woman, Thriving Familiy, In Touch, ParentLife, Kyria and P31 Woman Magazine. She's appeared on Focus on the Family, Family Life today, CBN News, The Harvest Show and more. A lifelong Californian, Joanne recently said "YES!" to a God-sized adventure and moved with her family to the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee where they've happily traded soy milk and arugula for sweat tea and biscuits.