Expand Your Ministry by Writing Devotions

Most devotions are written on assignment but The Upper Room is a publisher that accepts freelance submissions. Have you considered expanding your ministry by writing devotions? The Upper Room sends me a beautiful letter upon acceptance of my devotions with this paragraph in it:

Just think: Over two million people in more than 100 countries will read or hear your witness. To put that in perspective, if a preacher addressed a congregation of 2,000 new people each week for twenty years, that preacher would still not have addressed as many people as will read your contribution in The Upper Room. It is a remarkable privilege to be able to declare the “marvelous works of the Lord” (Ps. 9:11) to so many, and we appreciate your willingness to let us use your work. From the French radio broadcast of your meditation in Africa to its printing in the tri-lingual Japanese/Korean/English edition in the Far East, you will speak to God’s people and encourage them in faithfulness.

I am inspired by this opportunity and I hope you are too. Follow this link to writer’s guidelines for The Upper Room. The Upper Room will publish as many as nine devotions per year by one author, but don’t send those all at once. A good discipline to get into is to submit three devotions every three months.

God bless you as you write for His glory.

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Sue is the author of more than eighty articles and stories and taught elementary Sunday school for more than twenty years. Her most rewarding experience as a writer is when someone tells her that something she wrote touched a heart or changed a life. Sue writes to inspire people about God’s amazing love and for His glory.