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Interior, Living Room Rio Linda, Ca -Night

Pan Left into Hitchcock Zoom: A blank page stares back at our lonely writer. Pencil tapping on his temple he sits up, and then lays back. UP! Then back. He reaches for the page, but stops. Looking about the room: A bookshelf, a globe, a cat sleeps on the window sill. Back to the globe, to the window, rain splashes on the glass. Pencil reaches the paper. The lead breaks…

Screenwriting and composing stage drama are uniquely visual in our world of writing. While fiction, poetry, and other genres strive to communicate to a reader’s mind’s-eye so that they are able to TELL others about the story, screenwriters and playwrights must write to communicate their vision in a way that others can then take it and SHOW their story to others.

For drama, as in fiction, story is king. Without story, no one will sit through 90 minutes in a dark theater or two hours in front of a stage. There, however, is where similarity to other writing forms ends. With that in mind, Inspire Christian Writers is forming a new critique group just for this genre of writers. The Faith-Based film industry is exploding in America. Following the success of the Kendrick Brothers (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous) and others, independent Christian production companies are seeing successes like never before. And this means writing opportunities for writers such as ourselves like never before.

Instead of the starry-eyed dreams of acceptance speeches and golden statues on the mantle, our goal is to hone our craft so God can use our stories in ways never before possible. To grow our craft and learn from each other on this journey into the nether land of film and stage shall surely be an adventure unto itself.

So, if you have ever had a vision so grand that it simply wouldn’t fit on the page, or words that just must be spoken instead of read, maybe screen or stage is for you. Please join us, on-line monthly, or in person on the first Thursday each month 7pm in Rio Linda, California. Passion, vision, and a willingness to learn is all that is needed.

Please email the leader at [email protected] for more information or to sign up for this group.

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David M. Hyde is a freelance writer, published Playwright, award winning columnist, and optioned screenwriter. David’s drama, The Eyes of Easter, was published by Randall House Publications in their drama compilation Celebrate Easter. His screenplays have garnered recognition from the Creative World Awards, The Sacramento International Film Festival, Burbank Film Festival and recently a second place finish at the 168Film Write of Passage. David’s role for Inspire Christian Writers is as co-critique group coordinator, fulfilling the need to find openings for new and existing members within our critique group network, and is the screenwriter’s critique group leader. David lives in Rio Linda, CA with his wife and three kids (the human kind, no goats – just wanted to clarify since it is Rio Linda, after all) He spends his days writing and dreaming with the occasional backpacking trip thrown in just to get away.