Five Reasons to Attend a Writing Retreat

Every single time I attend a writing conference or workshop, I always hear the same thing:

“I love being with my tribe!”

“Can’t wait to get working on my project now. I’m inspired!”

“I wish there were more opportunities to get together!”

Writing is a solitary profession. Tucked away in a dark corner of Starbucks, or in our lonely home offices, we often crave the companionship of those who understand our mild obsessions with a perfect verb, and don’t judge us when we fawn over grammatically correct sentences.

Critique groups, like those offered through Inspire Christian Writers, are a wonderful antidote for the problem. Through them, you’ll get wonderful feedback, encouragement, and a chance to soak up some much-needed fellowship.

But not everybody has the ability to get plugged into a local critique group. And some of us need more connection time than even they can offer. Enter the idea of a Writer’s Retreat.

Here are some top reasons for attending one:

  1. Fellowship with Like-Minded Peeps. How many times have we heard the experts say: “Find your tribe?” We’re an odd group, us writers, and there’s something comforting about being with those who are riding the same joyous, frustrating, amazing roller-coaster you’re on.
  2. Encouragement. The writing road is littered with tear-stained sheets of rejected manuscripts. It’s wonderful to be reminded by even the most successful writers that they’ve also been turned down and vehemently edited along the way. These writers will help pick up those manuscripts, dust them off, and pray you back on the right road.
  3. Rejuvenation. Writing can be tedious at times. What’s more, even in the best of circumstances, it’s a looooong process. Sometimes we just need to rest and refocus. Where better to do it than in an environment of understanding, acceptance, and prayer?
  4. Brainstorming. Are you at a standstill in either your career or at some point in your project? Fellow writers are wonderful at suggesting tips to get you over your writing humps, and to get you thinking in career directions you might never have considered. My last four publications (a series of mini-books) were born out of a chance conversation with someone at Mt. Hermon. Less than four months later, they were written, edited, and heading for publication. I NEVER would have thought of that idea on my own.
  5. Networking. The best thing I’ve learned about believing authors, after an initial career in business, is that the Christian writing community has a markedly different agenda than the secular world. We’re about God’s business before our own. What does this mean? We help, support, and promote each other. But the basis for that is relationship . . . like those built in a retreat environment.

So, consider finding a retreat in your area to reinvigorate your writing and jump-start your creative juices. They are such a great way to get your writing back on track, revitalize yourself, and gain encouragement (as well as new friends).


SPECIAL LAKE TAHOE RETREAT DEAL FOR INSPIRE MEMBERS: Robynne E. Miller and Jane S. Daly will be hosting their first Writers’ Retreat in Lake Tahoe.

Though this event is not sponsored by Inspire Christian Writers, we’re happy to announce that Robynne and Jane are offering Inspire members a significant discount.

Due to the luxury venue, space for this retreat is limited.

Pre-registration is open to Inspire members, who were sent a special invitation with more details and a coupon code via email.

For questions or to register, please contact Robynne or Jane directly through the email address included in your private member invitation.

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Prior to becoming President, Robynne has served on the board as Communications Director and Director of Leadership and is a critique group leader in Auburn. She has written eight books, is a freelance editor and writing coach, and speaks and teaches at workshops, conferences, and events throughout the country. Robynne was awarded her MFA in Creative Nonfiction and Fiction in August 2018 and lives in the beautiful Sierras with her wonderful British husband and the youngest of their four children.


  1. Great post, Robynne. Would it be possible to get the details for this Tahoe retreat? Is there still room for more participants?

    Have a blessed day!


    • Hi Joanne,

      Thank you!

      We are going to open the Retreat up to general folks in August, but if you’re an Inspire Member, you should have received an email a couple of weeks ago about the pre-sale which gives the link and coupon code for Inspire members only. If you aren’t yet an Inspire member, look for the public announcement in August!



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