From Picture Book to iPad App: Step 5

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle © 2011

Plenty has happened since the post From Picture Book to iPad App ~ Step 4. Kate has painted color studies to determine the coloring for scenes and characters. Nur has used the roughs and color studies to start to build the app.

Step Five: Aiden In Color
Here is our little hero straight from medieval knight play-acting. What do you think?

Aiden in color

After a few color studies for scene one, here’s how it turned out, although the final scene had more changes. The squiggly lines represent the narration. Notice the knight’s helmet, sword and shield.

Scene 1 Color Study

Can you see how beautiful and fun this app will turn out for the iPad. And with the even more brilliant display of the new iPad2. Yeow!

Deep into the story, scene 13 finds our hero trying to escape capture in a narrow courtyard of the castle.

Scene 13 Color Study

I love the colors, don’t you?

One more sneak peek. The Carrot Castle royal family.

Carrot Castle Royal Family

You can see why we’re so excited about this project. We have lots of fun things in store for the app, such as reader participation to help Aiden in his quest.

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Chris Pedersen and her husband live with a chocolate lab named Brandy in the beautiful Sierra foothills in California. Chris writes for children and loves crafting non-fiction stories from real life. The Prisoner of Carrot Castle is her first iPad app. Her other work in progress is a chapter book titled How I Survived Third Grade.

Published work includes Work and Wag, about dog jobs, in Clubhouse Jr. Magazine and A Saving Transformation, in THE DOG NEXT DOOR published by Revell. In addition, since conquering cancer with diet, Chris blogs about health, her heart passion, at Healthy Journey Café where she dishes out recipes and tips to achieve optimum wellness. Her writing journey is chronicled at Paws and Ponder.

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