Life’s Plot Twists

Writing is an adventure except, perhaps, when time escapes, the brain won’t cooperate, laundry is calling, dinner needs preparing, or distractions arise from everywhere. I have those similar disruptions along with pain and illness.

I live with fifteen chronic conditions, five autoimmune, five pain related, and the rest help drive the plot of my life’s story. Sometimes I’m asked how I manage when pain and ailments weigh down what I’m trying to write. The short answer?


A sign above my desk says, “Trusting God’s sovereignty one day at a time.” It’s my tagline and life motto. The challenge to stay in this thought comes as pain cycles through my legs or back so much I can’t sit long enough to write, or on days my stomach won’t work properly. At times, medications cloud my head and I can’t concentrate on writing anything, let alone something meaningful, or my fingers cramp and won’t hit the right keys. These types of inconsistencies make a regular writing schedule laughable (almost).

On those days, I have to look up. At the sign. To God. I spend time reading, praying, resting, when my eyes will work, quoting Bible verses, or encouraging other people also going through difficulties. Sometimes, I can bullet point writing ideas and end up happy to get even those down. A certain peace comes from not fighting lost expectations.

God called me to write. My health is the back-story of my life, to point to Him. This truth helps keep my focus on the reality of His purpose, not mine, played out in my life. I can’t allow worry about what I can’t do to crowd out what I can.

If I give my timeline to Him, I’m less likely to allow discouragement and stress to rise. If I can’t write much on one day, He seems to give me enough strength on another to complete what’s necessary.

The writing adventure is because of Him. He called me to it so He’ll see me through it one day at a time.

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Susan Sage is a writer, teacher, speaker, mentor, and PR Director for Inspire Christian Writers. Susan writes devotionals and flash fiction and has been published in two Inspire anthologies. She was the mentoring editor for several past Inspire anthologies as well. She has recently completed her first novel. Susan and her husband make their home in Coeur d’Alene (pronounced Core-da-Lane), after moving from Northern California in 2017. They enjoy visiting the lakes in the area and adventuring along many hiking trails.


  1. “I can’t let worry about what I can’t do crowd out what I can” Thank you for this sentence and concept. I will keep it in front of me when I get lost in my “CAN’T” rather than exploring my “CAN”

  2. Hallelujah! You inspire me, Susan Sage! To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise!

    I, too, have been learning how to be totally dependent on and completely surrendered to God. There are so many days when I know I’ve met a deadline only because of God’s grace.

    Though I don’t enjoy pain, my healing journey has changed the way I interact with God and others. He empowers us to write with transparency and compassion that would never be possible if we hadn’t intimately encountered our loving Father’s mercy.

    I pray He will continue to be your strength, peace, courage, joy, and hope, as you write for His glory.

    • You inspire me as well, Xochi. God bless. Total dependence is the only way…some days, easier said than done. Pain keeps us hanging on to Him, doesn’t it?!

  3. Susan,

    I knew we had something in common. I have days such as you describe when the ability to write is compromised. Those days are becoming more and more frequent. I appreciate the good days now more than ever.

    Curiously, hearing from God has not changed. He still speaks to me as often as before, undeterred by my physical limitations. That encourages me. Even though my body is “wasting away,” my spirit IS being renewed day by day.

    I hope that encourages you, too.

    Hugs, my friend.

  4. Susan,
    Thank you for your inspirational message. I agree with, and can relate to, all the distractions you list and many more. But in reading the rest of your story was humbling, partly because of your discipline to focus on God, and partly because of your focus on your purpose. You make me want to re-align my focus…thank you.

  5. I am reminded often of how blessed I am when I read about your problems or see a video on U-tube of a man struggling with Muscular Dystrophy. We, who are blessed with good health take it so for granted. May you continue to be comforted by your faith and one day be healed through our prayers for you.

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