Sarah Sundin, Sept. 8, 2018

Inspire Christian Writers Workshop: Breakout Session

Note: The end of this session is missing from this video. After the end of the recording Sarah discussed:

  • Consistency of Settings
    • Make sure you track the details of your fictional world
    • Tools to use:
      • Pinterest boards (which can also be shared with readers)
      • Cloud-based tools such as Evernote
    • Track details of professions
    • If you have a fictitious town or world, draw maps
    • If your world is based in reality, print out copies of real maps and mark them up
    • Also draw floor plans of your fictitious places
  • Contrast & Variety
    • Contrast is the key to keeping interest; too much similarity loses interest
    • Contrast & Variety of:
      • Characters—have a variety of types, looks, etc.
      • Settings—focus on different locales within the setting
      • Plots—vary the pattern withing similar plotlines
      • Themes—give each book a slightly different theme within the larger theme of the series
  • Be respectful to your readers, keep them in mind at all times and give them a place they would want to return to

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