Our Most Read Blog Posts of 2020

As has become our tradition, we begin the new year by looking at what our web site visitors were actually reading on the Inspire blog in those ‘unprecedented, socially distant, lockdown’ days of 2020. Below are our most-read blog posts of 2020 (according to the number of pageviews reported by Google Analytics). This list doesn’t include “News and Announcement” posts.

#10 – Writing 101: Concise Writing

In January 2020, Karen Foster gave us some tools (and exercises) to help us write more concisely.

#9 – An Unusual Path to Publication

In this post from June 2016, the late Kim Fredrickson described her journey to publication in the midst of what turned out to be a terminal illness. Kim went to meet her Savior, June 3, 2019.

#8 – What Inspires You to Inspire Others?

In this May 2015 post, writer Denise Rezsonya discussed how faith in God and prayer should be the foundations for our writing and our desire to serve Him through our writing.

(#9 in 2019)

#7 – The Joy of the Lord

This short post from November 2016, emphasized the role and power of the joy of the Lord in our lives.

(#3 in 2019)

#6 – How to Write for Chicken Soup for the Soul

In this interview published in September 2016, author Heidi Gaul shared her personal tips for writers seeking to have their stories accepted for publication by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

(#6 in 2019)

#5 – Insider Submission Tips from Focus on the Family’s Sheila Seifert

In this June 2017 post, Sheila Seifert, Focus on the Family’s director of parenting content, helped writers prepare for submitting articles to increase their chances for being considered for publication in the various FOTF magazines.

(#5 in 2019)

#4 – 7 Steps to Writing Great Book Reviews

This post from March 2015 was written by Inspire’s founder, Elizabeth Thompson, and provided seven steps for writing a great book review.

From 2017-2019, this was by far our most viewed blog post.

#3 – You’ve Been Rejected! What Now?

In May 2019, Jane S. Daly gave us some excellent spiritual advice on dealing with those pesky rejections that infiltrate our inboxes and mailboxes.

#2 – The Holy Call of Writing: Are You Called to Write?

In this post from August 2013, author Jim Denney discussed how to know if you are called to write.

(#2 in 2019)


#1 – It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Four Tips for Writing Great Opening Sentences

In this April 2018 post, Ian Feavearyear, with a little help from Snoopy, discussed how to hook your readers with powerful and engaging opening sentences . . . and what to avoid.

(#4 in 2019)

In case you’re wondering what the next 10 most-read posts of 2020 were:

#11 – Write What God Called You to Write – 06/18/20 – Susan Sage

#12 – Great Openings Contest Fiction Winner: Clem’s Wish – 08/15/20 – Hannah Prewett

#13 – God Is Working Behind the Scenes – 04/02/20 – S. J. Little

#14 – A Word for the Weary: Preparing to Submit Your Devotions to the Upper Room – 05/04/17 – Karen Foster

#15 – Great Openings Contest Nonfiction Winner: Prayed Upon – 08/17/20 – Amy Nordhues

#16 – Great Openings Contest Nonfiction 3rd Place: Never Far From Home – 08/23/20 – Mabel Ninan

#17 – 4 Things Not to Do When You’re Rejected – 08/27/20 – Mabel Ninan

#18 – Living an Intentional Life – 01/21/20 – Dina Preuss

#19 – Why Every Writer Needs a Writing Coach – 01/13/16 – Sandra Byrd

#20 – Meet Guideposts Contest Winner: Marci Seither – 05/14/12 – Sue Tornai/Marci Seither